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Thermostat with ingress protection

Thermostat with IP65 housing

This waterproof housing can integrate any thermostat and temperature limiter of our product range,
we have models for ambient, deported, pipe surface and rod temperature control with access to temperature settings of your choice.

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differential pressure switches , waterproof, IP65

IP65 differential pressure switch

Low voltage and high sensitivity waterproof pressure switch for use in detection of medium positive, negative or differential pressure.
Measurement of water levels, water filters efficiency

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miniature humidistat

Miniature Humidity control

This humidistat is designed for indoor application to switch on a heater or a ventilating fan It can also be used to switch on humidifiers, dehumidifiers, or other devices.
Can be wall mounted or installed on Din-Rail..

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temperature control housing

IP65 Electronic temperature control box

Whether it is heat tracing, immersion heater, air heaters, surface heating or HVAC, this housing can be adapted to every applications you need.
Can be in Aluminum or PA66 plastic.

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Flow switch with temperature sensor

Flow switch with temperature sensor

Flow detection on water pipes, with simultaneous water temperature measurement.
Adjust the paddle length to your need to detect the water flow you want.

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miniature level switch

Miniature level switch

vending machines, air conditioning pumps, dehumidifiers...
Small diameter float for reduced space applications

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full control housing sub-assembly for heavy duty immersion heater

IP65 immersion heater control box

Waterproof aluminum and plastic housings for SSR, GFCI, relays, connection blocks, for electro-thermal applications, IP54 to IP65

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fire detection fusible link

Fire detection fusible links


Used in fire detection system to open or close door, dampers, vents etc...
check out our range from 7 to 120 DaN nominal load

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Fire resistant ceramic connection block1

Heavy duty connection blocks


Ceramic connection blocks and Special connectors

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EOM Thermostat

New temperature ranges, with reduced differential, ground terminal, power rating up to 20A 250VAC and aligned terminals compatible with 3 way connectors.

"Pigtail" bulb room thermostats

- Wall mounting for indoor or outdoor temperature control of cold rooms.
- Temperature control of industrial or commercial premises.
- Outdoor temperature control of antifreeze heaters.
- Green houses and livestock stables temperature control.

Electronic rod thermostat, with high corrosion resistance housing

Precise temperature control for surface treatment or corrosive liquid baths, sea water environment, livestock premises.

Pipe mounting thermostats

This thermostat is designed with a V shaped temperature sensitive nickel plated brass backside to improve thermal contact with the pipe, and two lugs for spring mounting. Suitable for pipes of 30 to 70 mm diameter.

Immersion heater housing

Equipment requesting a very strong resistance to water ingress. The transparent cover allows to visualize the set point and the 2 pilot lights Fully wired sub assembly for use on immersion heater elements, 1 "1/2 or M45x2 with double thread or rotation ring. Applications in usual industrial applications and environments, non-hazardous areas.

Stainless steel immersion heater connection boxes

Deep drawn stainless steel immersion heater connection boxes, IP65, with flat or deep drawn hexagonal bottom

Immersion heater connection boxes, for corrosive environment applications, IP66

PP (orange) or PVDF (White) cover and bottom

Paddle flow switches, reed switch contact, built-in 16A SPDT relay

General application in flow detection. Recommended mounting position is on horizontal pipes, but can be mounted in any position. For water flow detection on dia 15 to 100mm water pipes. The built-in relay with SPDT contact can be used on resistive loads up to 15A 250V. The pilot light shows the contact position.

Very High Temperature (500°C) Ceramic Terminal Blocks

Specially designed to provide increased resistance to high temperatures, they can withstand 500 °C (900 ° F) continuously and 700 °C (1292 °F) peak. They retain their mechanical properties, electrical insulation and connectivity after 2 hours at 920°C (Fire simulation test).


Thermostat, 100-500°C

Thermostats for furnaces and ovens where the operating temperature is higher than 320°C, such as pizza ovens. Their temperature resistance is outstanding.

ATEX/IECEX Temperature limiter

Motor thermal protection, heat tracing, alarm and high temperature safety in explosive gas atmospheres.

ø10mm cartridge thermostat

Detection of a temperature value in liquids, water, hydraulic oils, thermal oils. Two versions of electrical contacts: Gold-plated for low power circuit, like PLC or 2A 250V for relay coils or resistive circuits.

Thermostat shaft rotary switch

These on-off switches are designed to be added on thermostat shafts. They provide off position when the thermostat shaft is at the minimum position.

Waterproof manual reset disc thermostats

Manual reset safety thermostats, for applications where there are risks of condensation or water drops.

Room thermostat for heat tracing

Ambient temperature control in professional premises where good protection to liquid splashes or dust is requested. Output with 2 or 3 cable glands, allowing direct connection of heat tracing cables for freeze protection.

Thermostat and manual reset for immersion heater

Control sub-assembly designed to be fitted directly on standard immersion heaters. Power up to 3500W, 230V, single phase.

Thermostats overmolded on heat tracing cables

Switch on the heating cable when the room temperature falls below a certain threshold, and switch it off when the temperature rises.

Wire end silicone boots for heat tracing

These sleeves should simply be pushed on the cable end. Then the silicone gel covers the entire cable and conductors located therein. This process greatly simplify heat tracing cable installation and guarantee great sealing.

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