Technical introduction to connection blocks

Technical introduction to connection blocks

Comparative table of the types of cable termination accepted by the different types of screw terminals, AWG diameters and sections in mm²...

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glazed ceramic connection blocks

Glazed ceramic connection blocks

Nickel plated connectors.

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igh Temperature (500°C) Ceramic Terminal Blocks

High Temperature (500°C) Ceramic Terminal Blocks

Stainless Steel terminals and screws

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special ceramic parts

Other parts in ceramic

We regularly develop customized ceramic components and terminal blocks for customer electro thermal applications. Contact us if you have a specific need.

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Piston type flow switch

Various plastic connection blocks and connectors

Although we do not propose standard plastic terminal blocks, we regularly develop some for specific applications. Our vertical integration and our production facilities enable us to optimize the molding, stamping and assembly of any connection device, including applications matching commercial, industrial or military standards and requirements.

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Presssure switch Accessoriess

Terminals and saddles used in connection blocks

These parts can be specified in most of connection blocks of this catalogue or be ordered as spare parts

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Ceramic parts for heating elements

Ceramic parts used in heating elements

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